Collin Bunting, Fashion Designer/ Costume Designer/ Sculptor

Collin Bunting

Bakula's Chant
Paper, Ink, Cotton, Silk

Collin Bunting is a multi-disciplinary artist in Chicago. Originally a poet and Pushcart Prize nominee, Collin’s love of language and metaphor has been vital to her process. Her reinvention as costume and fashion designer for the past twenty-five years has been a long exercise crucial to the composition of three-dimensional forms. A primal urge to let go of precision, mix passions and revamp yet again, Collin is sculpting the characters, concepts and environments of her poems and dreams with intuitive impulses toward an intense and personal folklore.

Her work has graced Judson Church, the MCA, The Dance Center of Columbia College and others, and has been funded by The New York Foundation for Contemporary Arts, The Driehaus Foundation, The Illinois Arts Council, DCASE, The MacAurthur Fellowship, and the Chicago Dancemaker's Forum.